In love with Rome I

Giardino degli Aranci

Bella Italia! I am so in love with you! Before easter I was in Rome with my dear photographer friend Tanja Schalling from . We visited Italy for „ Way Up North “ – ( European Wedding Photographer Conference in Rome – Blog entry is coming soon). 

The weather was springlike and the italian spirit was adorable. The light in Italy is dreamy and so we wanted to capture it with a lovely coupleshoot. ♥ Planning such a shooting, takes a lot of time, which we didn’t had, in the weeks before our trip. Therefore we decided to organize it directly in Rome. 

So we had this great italian light, this wonderful location at Giardino degli Aranci in Rome, our digital and analog equipment but no couple. We got to know so many great people at the conference and one of these was Stefanie Aichner, a wedding videographer from Woods and Wolves.

Fortunately Stefanie knew Maria Kania, a wedding photographer from Poland, who joined also the WUN. Her boyfriend Jacek came to Rome to visit her and stay with her till easter, for a short vacation. As a photographer, it was a new point of view for Maria, to be in front of the camera and not behind it! She was really great!

The atmosphere at this place was so romantic, not only because of the sunset and our lovely couple, but imagine, a guitarist played lovely old lovesongs from the beginning, till the end of our shooting. It was amazing! The soft Italian light surrounded the couple in warm tones, till the sun set and the lights of the historical city awoke. I will never forget this special atmosphere!

I shot analog ♥ and digital and everytime i see these pictures, i can smell the perfume of the orangetrees and hear the romantic old lovesongs played by the musician in the garden. 

Stefanie is now preparing her video from Rome – which i will show you on my facebook page when its ready.

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Now enjoy these emotional pictures.


Con te dimentico il tempo ♥