In Love with Rome II

Ti amo

Ti amo, ti adoro, sei tutto per me! ♥ In love with Rome II. I will never forget this special atmosphere! The soft Italian light surrounded these two lovebirds in warm tones, till the sun set and the lights of the historical city awoke. I shot analog and digital and everytime i see…

…these pictures i can smell the perfume of the orangetrees and hear the romantic old lovesongs played by the musician in the garden. Italy, I will come back soon!

Here is the Link to my pictures from this lovely couple “ In love with Rome I

In love with Rome I, tells the beginning of this shooting. Why did i come to Rome, what people did i meet, what was so special about this shooting. Who is Maria, who is Tanja, where did this shooting took place in Rome and what the hell means WUN ; ) ….. So come and visit „In love with Rome I“ too!  

Now enjoy the following analog and digital pictures!

♥ Ti amo! ♥ Ti adoro! ♥ Sei tutto per me!